Why us.

If you are the operator of a small utility, industrial power plant, sugar or process mill and are looking to improve your steam plant service and maintenance provision you should be considering International Steam Generators Ltd. International Steam Generators Ltd operate primarily in the international markets of Africa and the Middle East but also in the United Kingdom .

We offer a one stop option for all of your service and procurement requirements providing a single project interface for a multi-disciplined contract environment. The strong relationship we have established between ourselves and with our specialist suppliers and subcontractors provide our clients a seamless organisation with simplified payment terms for fixed price defined scope works, service contracts or open book target cost formats.

Our management services are suited to integration into your project to provide a much needed skilled resource during outage or maintenance periods. Our health, safety and environmental functions offer a cost effective means of ensuring compliance with CDM or local legislation and offer you peace of mind knowing this important facet is in professional hands.

Our team cover a broad spectrum of experience and knowledge. From simple advisory roles to installation and commissioning of plant we are there to support you. We see our business as a partnership with our clients with a common goal and unified interest, your success is our success.

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